Backyard Agriculture

For millenia human beings grew much of the food they consumed. Even in the United States, for most of our history people grew much of what they ate. It is only in the modern era that going to the store to buy food for dinner has become the norm. Today when someone mentions gardening very few of us picture the kind of garden our great grandmothers had. Instead of thinking of a huge kitchen garden that produces much of the food a family can eat, we think of a small plot of land with some zucchini and tomato plants that live through the summer and are torn up in the fall.

Backyard Agriculture is growing food where ever you have space to do so.

What our grandparents did was not a hobby and everyone took the effort to grow food seriously, because a garden failure was a huge blow to a family. It was legitimate agriculture.

There is no reason why our modern efforts to grow food should not be as serious as our grandparents and great grandparents efforts were, and many reasons why our efforts should be every bit as serious.

If you’ve been to the grocery store recently you know prices are going up. There are many reasons for that – drought, crop failures, rising transportation costs are a few. If you’ve been paying attention the last few years, you know that there have been outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella linked to food produced by agribusiness. And, if you wonder what would happen if a natural disaster interrupted the supply chain and food couldn’t arrive at your local grocery store, you’re only thinking about living through something that Americans who live where disaster has struck have actually experienced.

All of those things combined mean that it is only prudent to consider whether or not taking responsibility for growing at least some of what you eat is worth doing.

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