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Aquaponics –

Introduction to Aquaponics – $30/person
TBA – late January 2021 The goal of this 3-hour workshop is to give you enough info to decide if aquaponics is right for you, how to get started and where are the best sources for equipment, supplies and more detailed information.

This class covers:

What, Why, Where, When and How’s of Aquaponics, including the different types of systems; pros and cons; plant and fish choices and advice based on our years of experience and local conditions.

Intermediate Aquaponics Class – $30/person
TBA – late January 2021
Aquaponics is both gardening and aquaculture, and both can have challenges. Come learn how to take care of common pests and problems, as well as how to expand your growing season, crop choices and production.

Synergistic poly-cultures, seed starting, seed saving, harvesting, nutrient recycling,  and “What to do with it now that I’ve grown it” will also be discussed in this three hour class.


Other classes and presentations available include:

Growing Food

Growing in Tucson (it’s not like back East!)

How to start garden plants from seeds, indoors and out

Straw-bale Gardening, Raised Beds or Sunken Beds?

Plant pests and problems

Saving Food

Water Bath Canning

Pressure Canning

Dehydrating, Freezing, ‘Cellaring’

Cooking Food

Make an apple pie (and pie crust) from scratch

How to make apple sauce from scratch, and can it

Baking bread from scratch

Equip your kitchen

Processing a live chicken to become dinner

What do I do with this fish!?

Food Safety

 Why Organic?

What are GMOs and why are they so bad?

GHP/GAP certification

If you are interested in any of these, or have a request, please contact us. We can also speak on these, and more, for your group.


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