Herb Garden


Many years ago, when our children were still quite small, we began the adventure that has become Arnavon.  Over the years we’ve raised rabbits, chickens, goats, bees and fish, not to mention guinea pigs, ducks, lizards, cats, dogs, and one little cockatiel. We’ve gardened conventionally and non-conventionally and we’ve saved the abundance of our harvests by canning it, drying it, and freezing it. We’ve learned plenty over the years. Unfortunately, some of it the hard way.  It is our hope that what we’ve learned we can share with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes we’ve made. That is why we are beginning this web site and formalizing our classes, so that more people can benefit. Please be patient as we bring our life experience to these pages (and learn how to use wordpress). We want to help preserve the skills our great-grandparents took for granted by mastering them and then teaching them to others.

While we still have lots of in-ground gardens, one of our major endeavors is aquaponics.  Aquaponics is growing fish and plants together in a closed, recirculating system.  In a nutshell, you feed the fish, the fish feed the plants, the plants clean the water, and then the water  goes back to the fish.  It is very exciting and you’ll find lots of information about it in the aquaponics section of our website.

So, welcome to Arnavon.  We’re glad you found us.  Come on in and stay a while.

Kathryn and Casey Townsend

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