Beveren rabbits

When we decided to get back into raising rabbits we spent a great deal of time deciding which breed to raise.  There are so many choices, it can seem overwhelming.  Most rabbit breeders who are interested primarily in meat raise Californians or New Zealand rabbits.  However, we wanted to raise a heritage breed, and we wanted to raise a breed that was considered in jeopardy by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

We decided on Beveren rabbits.  The breed was developed in Beveren, Belgium in the 19th century. Most of the further development of the breed has occurred in Britain.  British fanciers developed blue, black, blue eyed white, lilac, chocolate, and pointed varieties of Beverens.  In the United States only black, blue, and blue eyed white varieties are recognized.

Although we have made the decision not to show at this time (There are many reasons for this, but we are not opposed to showing rabbits) we do breed to standard for everything except coat color.  We raise blue, black, blue eyed white, and chocolate varieties, and we occasionally get a pointed bunny.  The chocolate and pointed varieties are not recognized in the United States, but since we don’t show, we don’t worry about that.



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